vs. Other Graphing Calculators

Easier to use and more powerful than any other graphing calculator on the market.

Other Graphing Calculators
Graphing Features  

Automatic optimal viewing window

Automatic tutorial analyses of all important graph properties

Automatic display of vertical and horizontal asymptotes as dashed lines

Automatic display of discontinuities (holes, jump discontinuities, one-sided discontinuities) using small empty or filled circles

Automatic display of exact (symbolic) answers as if they were obtained longhand

Color-coded graphs to aide visualization

Easy 1-click downloads of publication quality graph images for insertion into homework, projects, and tests by students and teachers alike

Interactive 3D Graphing

Piecewise Graphing

Short learning curve

Plotting Features  


Automatic selection of convenient points to plot

Connect the points on a plot with straight lines

Show the points plotted with the actual graph

Automatic display of (x,y) values table

Multiple equation plotting with automatic display of points of intersection

Simultaneous Solving & Graphing Features  


Systems of linear equations

Systems of nonlinear equations

Inequalities in x

Inequalities in x and y

Solving Features (With Steps) 


Polynomial Multiplication

Polynomial Long Division

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