Dynamically-Generated Transcendental Function Examples

Start with these examples and explore variations on the results:
Discover what transcendental functions are all about

Basic Exponential Function
Basic Inverse Exponential Function
Exponential Function Logarithm Function

Basic Trigonometric Functions

Basic Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Sine Function Inverse Sine Function
Cosine Function Inverse Cosine Function

Tangent Function
Has vertical asymptotes.

Inverse Tangent Function
Has horizontal asymptotes.
Secant Function Inverse Secant Function
Cosecant Function Inverse Cosecant Function
Cotangent Function Inverse Cotangent Function
Has a one-hole jump discontinuity.

Basic Hyperbolic Trigonometric Functions

Basic Inverse Hyperbolic Trigonometric Functions
Hyberbolic Sine Function Inverse Hyperbolic Sine Function
Hyberbolic Cosine Function Inverse Hyberbolic Cosine Function
Hyberbolic Tangent Function Inverse Hyberbolic Tangent Function
Hyberbolic Secant Function Inverse Hyberbolic Secant Function
Hyberbolic Cosecant Function Inverse Hyberbolic Cosecant Function
Hyberbolic Cotangent Function Inverse Hyberbolic Cotangent Function





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